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Equipment Rental Terms Of Use

1. Lessees must have valid driver’s license for all equipment rental. Driver’s License must be presented upon delivery of the equipment.

2. Upon receipt of the equipment, the Lessee must inspect and test the equipment and notify Isanti Rental of any defects, damage or malfunction.

3. The Lessee is responsible for the transportation of the equipment to and from our facility. Transportation services can be arranged for an additional fee.

4. The Lessee is responsible for checking the oil, water and fuel of the equipment on a daily basis.

5. The Lessee is responsible for the cost of any damage, missing parts, fuel and maintenance other than regular wear and tear.

6. The Lessee accepts liability for any loss, damage or injury incurred.

7. All equipment rented by the Lessee will be used at the Lessee’s sole risk.

8. All rates are based on an 8-hour workday and a 40-hour workweek. Usage of equipment exceeding these timeframes will be assessed an additional charge.

Complete terms and conditions can be found in our Rental Agreement.

Party Rental Terms Of Use

1. All charges are on a one occasion basis. All charges are for time out whether used or not; please make your selections carefully.

2. Order changes must be made at least 48 hours prior to delivery or pickup. Special rates are available for weekly or monthly use.

3. Delivery and pickup services are available. Quotes available upon request. Please make arrangements for delivery explicit as there are extra charges if no one is home at the time of delivery or a delivery/pickup to other than ground level. Set up and take down services are also available for additional charges. If needed, please arrange in advance.

4. Please check all equipment upon delivery, or walk in and report any problems immediately to Isanti Rental.

5. Our delivery personnel are instructed to stack all items in a mutually convenient location for delivery staff and customer. Upon pickup, all items must be stacked, tables and chairs folded and everything clean and ready to go.

6. Linens – Shake out all food crumbs, flowers, greens, etc. as they tend to leave stains. Please treat the linens as if they were your own.

7. Responsibility for equipment remains with the leaser from the time of pickup to the time of return (or time of delivery to time of pickup). Please be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather. Check with the management of hired halls to make sure they will accommodate you. We do charge replacement cost for missing items or breakage.

8. Prior to equipment rental, customer shall obtain, at their expense, all necessary permits, licenses and other consents.

9. Credit card deposits and identification is required on all rentals.

10. Prices subject to change.

Complete terms and conditions can be found in our Rental Agreement.

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